Give Voice To Your Smart Home

Take advantage of our alexa skill development services to provide the voice to your smart home control.

About Alexa Skill

Alexa Skills are applications that give Smart Speaker significantly more capacities, giving her a chance to speak to more gadgets even sites. An Alexa Skill is the smart home device equivalent of an app for your phone on the Amazon Echo series of devices. You can enable the Skills manually or by speaking a command to Alexa.

Things your smart speaker can do with Alexa Skill


If you want to watch a particular movie, skill can help you to find movies based on context. For kids the skill used to sleep Short Bedtime story. Skill can help you to check what happen this day on history. Skills in smart speaker can tell you jokes and if you are looking at information about something. It will help you to find the solution on internet and will speak to you.

Music, Podcast & Radio

The skill for podcast allows you to subscribe your favorite podcast and can play specific episode. Most used skill is used to play the music from library. The inbuilt music skill allows you to play your favorite music or particular song. After setting up radio skill you can play your faviourite radio station .


Smart Home

For smart home skill can be used to turn on/off your smart tv or you can play particular channel on your smart tv, Through the smart home skill you can control your smart home devices using voice control. Skills enables you to get cooking instruction to make food by listning the recepie instruction. You can enable it to set the temperature, just by asking. 

Develop Alexa Skills

How Smart Voice Serve Can Help You with Skill

In our solution building and publishing Alexa skill Our developer can provide the best solution. Whenever developed skills are published, they are accessible over all Alexa-enabled gadgets.

Adaptability           –        Create various answers for business as well as home.

Voice Commands –         You can control smart gadgets in your business with your                                              very own voice directions/ commands

Skill Objective –              Alexa skill can meet any kind of objective you can                                                           consider

E Commerce –                 Skills offers great eCommerce Experiences that can                                                       amaze customers.

Gaming –                          Voice games are cherished by clients

Sell Items –                      The in-skill buying facility enables you to sell items.

Availability –                    Provide open usefulness of your business to your end                                                    clients

Advancement –                Show your clients that you are enhancing